Woodlawn Innovation Network

Woodlawn Innovation Network (WIN) is a Birmingham City Schools initiative to transform education as we know it in the five schools in the Woodlawn High School feeder pattern. The transformative approach, supported by Woodlawn Foundation and A+ Education Partnership, focuses on teaching children not only what to know, but how to think and how to apply that thinking to real-world problems. WIN features an integrated curriculum that carries children from Pre-K through high school graduation with the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credit, the equivalent of an associates degree. WIN is intended to serve as a pilot that will establish processes and tools to create better outcomes in all Birmingham City Schools.

The five WIN schools are:

  • Avondale Elementary
  • Oliver Elementary
  • Hayes K-8
  • Putnam 6-9
  • Two interest based academies at Woodlawn High School

WIN will align five schools with the single purpose of ensuring that every child is college and career ready and has an intentional path forward. WIN will provide students with a challenging education and the support they need to achieve up to two years of college credit before they graduate from their four-year high school experience. Woodlawn High School will be known as an Early College High School (ECHS) with two distinct interest-based academies for engaging students in learning that is relevant to their futures. BCS leadership, school leaders and teachers, Woodlawn community and parent representatives, regional employers, two and four year colleges and non-profit partners serving are engaged in the curriculum design. As a group, we will come to understand the 21st century skills that our young people will need to be successful in higher education and the workplace of the future.